Enterprise Web Server Plan C


Enterprise Web Server Plan C

18,000.00 15,000.00 + GST / month

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A domain name with FREE SSL certificate installed on. This covers our fees to provision your web server’s hardware and software, to harden LAMP / LNMP for production use and compliance. It also covers training to get you up to speed! We take the curve out of learning for you!

You can now scale websites efficiently without any downtime or outages even if there is a rapid increase in traffic. Take a simpler path to cloud computing and integrate the cloud with your business and IT infrastructure with our BSD / Linux cloud servers – high-performance, reliable servers designed to help you grow and scale your business quickly and easily.

All the power of Cloud combined with the simplicity of Simple Hosting is what you get with our offering! Your pages will load from the state-of-the-art setup and this will further be boosted by caching configuration, thereby delivering blazing fast page loads! With a top-of-the-line technology platforms, leveraging high-end processors, high-performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud platform gives you the performance you were expecting.

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